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All parents care about their child's future, but...

Recent statistics show that college dropout rate in the United States is 40-50%.


Well, unfortunately that's higher education's dirty little secret.

One of the main reasons for this dropout rate scandal, is a bad decision-making process from your child's side. Here are the most common mistakes young adults do while picking a major:

Consult with (only) family / friends.

Rely on (mostly) online info.

Follow their hearts. No reality check.

It's time to play an active role in your child's biggest decision in life!

Picking a major without advising with professionals in your field of interest, is proven to increase dropout chances

That's what we're here to fix!

The unbeatable benefit

of Major.GURU 

Get a taste of the 'real thing'

Our professionals will give you insight into what your day would look like in the field that you desire:

  •  They will present you real projects they work on.

  •  They will reveal all the advantages, AND disadvantages in the field.

  •  They will teach you what kind of skill set you MUST have to be successful in their field.

  •  They will share about their professional growth and describe what opportunities exist in their industry.

Be mentored by amazing people

Our professionals will guide you throughout every step in your studies:

  •  They will give you priceless tips and tricks on important classes you should consider taking in college.

  •  They can connect you with recent grads who can share their learning materials.

  •  They can show you HOW what you learn is being implemented in real-life.

Ensure you're choosing the BEST major for you

It became too common to burn lots of money and time on picking the wrong major. Don't be one of those people.

  • Speaking with our advisers will help you understand if a career path really suites you.

  • Thinking of taking two majors but not sure what benefit it'll bring? Meet graduates and professionals who went through the same scenarios.

Sounds too good to be true! Give me more info  :)

Online chats

Always dreamed of becoming a graphic designer?

Meet grad students who already work in the field and can give you tips!

So, who can it work best for?

Anyone who's in college or starting college soon!

  •  Students who can't decide on a major.

  •  Students who already picked a major but want to make sure they made the right pick. 

  •  Students who are completely satisfied with their major, but want to get a glimpse of how their future   will look like.

How will it work between us?

Easy peasy! Choose between 3 options. Pick what's best for YOU!

  •  Subscribe for a full time access to an online chat with grad advisers and professionals.

  •  Pay for a one-time chat with a specific adviser you choose.

  •  Prefer not to talk with anyone? We understand. You can subscribe to get an access to online interviews and a library of tons of valuable info about your desired major, that you won't be able to find anywhere online! Knowledge is power!

Why not just use a college  counselor or look for all the info I need about a major online?  

Ugh. How can you even compare?​!   :)

  •  Scattered online info usually makes the average student feel even more confused. And frustrated. And lost. 

  •  There's nothing like a face-to-face or online chat with people who actually do what you dream to do. 

  •  College counselors are great, but, you know - their knowledge of each and every field is very, VERY limited.

OK, It's awesome! Tell me how to enroll - I want to be sure I'm picking the right major for me!


I struggled a lot and wasn't sure if I want to major in industrial engineering or in marketing, so I decided to chat with Jessica on Facetime. Jessica is a marketing manager who works in Siemens, and after 30 minutes of talking with her, I realized that industrial engineering fits perfectly to my skills and passions. I highly recommend Jessica for people who want to have an amazing insight on the marketing world. 

The amazing people

behind Major.GURU 

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Mechanical engineer

Founder & CEO

Doron Kasmi

Business analyst


Daniel Arrow

Software engineer


Ben Williams

Product manager


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